18, mis-guided youth, I had a studio in an abandoned supermarket on West Washington (now Abbot Kinney) in Venice Beach Ca.  -  I became addicted to ‘things on wheels that go‘ at a tender young age  -  The manifestation of this pre-disposition has been a monkey on my back for all these years


Early Years - Los Angeles

Strand Cruiser    -   Venice Beach    -    1965

Recumbant Trike

Made from two re-cycled Schwinn Varsity Bicycles

The passion for what I loved fueled the passion for the art I made

‘Characaturing’ motorcycle Sub Genres


Scolarship to Chuinard Art Institute

I built this 1950 Panhead trike for transportation

Guenther was my best friend at Chuinard - He rode a Stroked Knucklehead and was a Hell’s Angel

He was the most unbelievable watercolorist

A baby carraige wheel, take off the rubber, cut the center out and re-spoke it with welding rod (cool it down) and put the rubber back on

The other side of the fence at home was 1000 acres of Standard Oil Fields in Inglewood - My Matisse-Rickman Bultaco Factory Racer with broken fender

Inspired by Guenther’s bike

‘Chopper Sunset‘                      Venice Beach Ca                            Circa 1965

L.A. Times WEST Magazine  ‘Flipping the Finger’ A successful defense attourney purchased this sculpture

I met a group at Art Center School of Design, near Chuinard, that were studying  photography and got me into it

‘Mystic Racer’                                                                       Collection of Mattie Leeds

Burning through Enamel, Galvanizing, whatever, with ‘Zero’ conciousness of health hazard consequences

My ‘Studio ‘ moved down the street a few blocks when the owner of the supermarket space saw what we done

Mostly steel welding rod

John Forbes and I built this trike - We would immigrate to Santa Cruz and create

Bonny Doon Art Glass

The urge to create in this venue ebbs and flows over time 

A decade later at my old shop on

Squid Row at the Iron Works

Santa Cruz

‘Old Smokey Joe’

‘Awsomeblage’ motorcycle Sculpture -  Frame, aircraft cylinders etc. strung with random peices of sequencing neon - Pacific Ave window display

‘Electrolux‘    Vintage Vaccuum, drafting machine, factory wheels and salvaged neon bits

Cafe’ Cinema Racer

Espresso machine, projecter, hourglass, ephemera

Front whell drive and ten speeds !

My son Joseph helped put this one together


‘Time Traveler’

re-cycled ‘Golden Hour’ Clocks


Wooden bits and things that cut it


Antique popcorn machine, buggy wheels, can opener ‘n’ stuff

‘Dream Cycle’ - Fiddle, Opium Pipe, Bent Clock and Bugs on branch

Next Evolution Trike 


350 Chevy, Vette’ rear, custom frame and front suspension

A Suzuki Four clad in a Deco aluminum shell

‘Trans Asian Scooter’

‘Rocket II’

Blastolene Hemi trike 

Next evolution

Superchaged Chrysler Dragster engine

Built for Tim ‘Frogman’ Cotterill

Venice Beach Califrognia.

The Mystic Racer show ran for over a year

at the

Felix Kulpa Gallery

Santa Cruz Ca.

Having Fun yet mate ?

Current goings on at the Studio 

New generation of Cycle Art inspired by the gyroscopicly controled one wheeled



Crystal Fusion power !

this is the way things come together

Gear driven re-circulating air powered


rear wheel drive ‘wheel motor’

How about


1930’s compressor is ‘Stylin’

..and then, just when you thought you’ve seen it all,


Personal Watercraft

focused light through ‘Monocle’ creates steam through turbine

Joe At Baron’s


Sneak preview 

Stainless Exhaust System

coming soon to a V12 near you !

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(hey, we’re in Santa Cruz)

426 cu. in. Dual Plug Chrysler Hemi - The Holy Grail of of the Dragster Scene in the 1960’s

No dream was ever accomplished through compromise - And, Rocket II had no compromises